A high flying exterior performance finish.

From commercial passenger airlines to freight fleet operators, our customers in every kind of aviation sector have enjoyed the operational and financial benefits of tripleO.

This is no mere aircraft polish!

In fact, in extensive scientific trials, tripleO has been proven to minimise drag in the air and eliminate debris build up, both of which reduce airplane fuel consumption, each craft's carbon footprint and your costs.

tripleO is a particularly effective solution in a number of problematic areas of surface protection, such as:

  • Minimising ice build up on all primary areas during flight.
  • Safeguarding leading edges.
  • Increasing efficiency around engine intakes.
  • Enhancing the life, appearance and clarity of
  • your livery and paint finishes.
  • Corrosion prevention.

tripleO delivers bottom line benefits

The 'nano-technology' in tripleO is a polymer that enables this high performance solution to cross link and bond with the surface materials - such as paint work, bare metal, leading edges and even rivets.

tripleO contains hard, durable acrylic elements and creates a perfectly smooth finish, filling the 'pores' of a surface with a unique resin. This forms a barrier to prevent penetration by contaminants of the 'hills and valleys' of a surface our eyes cannot see.

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